You Got Questions I Got Answers...

Common Questions & Answers:

I often get asked questions from people that are confused about Clickfunnels™ and they're not sure if it's a good fit for their business.

I also get questions regarding "The Top Earner Mentor Coaching Program" and how everything works...

So I decided to put together a Q&A section to answer some of the most common questions.

If I didn't cover your question feel free to reach out and ask.

  • What is Clickfunnels™ ?

Clickfunnels™ is a drag and drop software that allows business owners to create sales funnels to help automate their sales process so they can buy back their time and be able to scale their business. It allows you to build squeeze pages, sales pages, webinar pages, quiz pages, membership sites and much more.

It also has one of the best affiliate programs in the market and because every business owner both online and offline needs it...

It's a HUGE opportunity for you to use for your own business and to market as an affiliate.

If you're still unsure about how Clickfunnels™ works or if you have a question on how sales funnels can help your business I would suggest to watch the video below which explains it so anyone can understand why they need a sales funnel for their business.

  • What type of businesses can benefit from Clickfunnels™ ?

Clickfunnels™ is useful to both online and offline business owners. Regardless if you're a coach, consultant, sell services, sell information products, sell physical products, affiliate marketer or network marketer you can benefit from using Clickfunnels™ in your business.

It allows you to generate more leads and sales for your business and it allows you to build sales funnels by yourself without needing a tech person to help you.

  • I already have Clickfunnels can I still join?

Yes, if you already have Clickfunnels through someone else you can still get access to everything on this page by purchasing access to Top Earner Mentor.

If you would like to purchase Top Earner Mentor it's one single payment of $497 and you will get lifetime updates + all the bonuses. This will give you the ability to not only get access to my group coaching program, but also leverage my funnels to promote Clickfunnels™ and other affiliate products I build funnels for.

You can purchase Top Earner Mentor at the bottom of this page.

  • What is "Top Earner Mentor" ?

Top Earner Mentor is my group coaching program that teaches you how to become a super affiliate in whatever industry you choose.

I break everything down step-by-step so it's easy to implement and follow my lead. I give you all my sales funnels and marketing materials to help you get results faster, but I also teach you how to sell anything you want so you don't depend on me.

I will teach you the exact strategies I've used to build multiple six figure businesses and a seven figure business in multiple industries.

  • What if I don't want to promote CF. Is this still valuable to me?

It depends do you like money?

All joking aside... yes, just the training and on going coaching alone is more than worth the price of admission. Even if you're in a completely different niche you still need to learn how to build a high converting sales funnel. Just one funnel can change the dynamics of your business and life.

Clickfunnels™ in my opinion is a tool you absolutely need if you're serious about building your business. So you will be getting a tool you need + learning how to master marketing and develop the skills that will allow you to sell anything you want effectively.

So even if you're promoting a network marketing opportunity or trying to sell your own products you will benefit from using Clickfunnels™ to build your business and you have access to my training and group coaching program to help you become a Top Earner.

  • Zach can I promote your funnels if I don't own Top Earner Mentor

NO. I personally don't believe in just promoting products to get commissions. You will never see me promote a product I don't own, use and believe in.

For this reason I don't allow anyone who will promote my products to send me sales. I only want people who believe in my courses and know that my products are high quality and will deliver value to their customers to promote my products.

This not a multi-tier buy the product to resell it type of deal. I just personally do not want someone to misrepresent my brand or promote my products if they have not went through them and used them. I put a lot of hard work into my courses to help my students and I do not want someone misrepresenting my products as some get rich quick program just to make a commission.

If you're a member of my community and you either purchased Clickfunnels™ or Top Earner Mentor and you love my training then you will have the option to promote my products and sales funnels.

Top Earner Mentor is a dedicated group coaching program that will teach you how to promote and sell anything you want in any niche you want. The option to promote Top Earner Mentor is completely up to you if you're a member.

  • If I promote your funnel will I lose sales?

NO. I designed the funnel so there is literally zero benefit for anyone to join me instead of signing up through you.

For years my students wanted to leverage my funnels, but I refused to do it because I did not want to have people skipping them and coming to me.

With my funnels it's co-branded with me and you. All you need to do is swap out your affiliate links so when they purchase you get paid.

You will get results 10x faster by leveraging my success, my students results and my social proof. At the same time I will be teaching you how to position and brand yourself so eventually you don't need me at all.

My goal is to get you results and make you successful so you will provide me with a testimonial. So i've done everything in my power to set you up to be successful and teach you everything I do. This way you can earn and learn at the same time.

  • How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

That's a fantastic question.

Top Earner Mentor is a program that is extremely different than any other program online. I know this because i've invested $150,000 + of my own money buying courses and coaching programs. Most of the programs i've purchased are from people who promise the world, but don't deliver. That is not to say that all of the programs are bad because some of them played a big part in the success I have today.

When I set out to create my own programs I vowed to myself that I would always overdeliver and make sure my customers have everything they need to succeed. You will never see me sell you a product then make you pay for version 2.0, 3.0, etc. When you purchase a course from me you get lifetime updates and I constantly update my training programs because I care about my customers getting results.

What also sets Top Earner Mentor apart from other programs is that I break everything down step-by-step so you will not get overwhelmed and you can implement what I teach you to get results. A real business is built brick by brick... in the business world that means one skill at a time.

You will not build a six or seven figure business overnight like most people promise you. With online marketing you can become a millionaire faster than ever, but it requires you to learn basic skills and be consistent with what you're doing. If you want to learn how to build a real long term business that isn't based on trends, hype or unrealistic promises "I'm your guy".

I will start at a beginner level to teach you "WHAT" you should be doing so you understand why it's important then I will teach you the "how to's". I want to make sure you understand how everything works, get clarity and have confidence that you can do this too.

The final reason Top Earner Mentor is different is because this is not just a course or training. It's a group coaching program and I work with you inside my private Facebook group by holding live "NO PITCH" training sessions, answer your questions, review your work and help you overcome any roadblocks you may run into.

I used to charge $1997 just for Top Earner Mentor as a group coaching program, but I decided to pair it with Clickfunnels™ to give my customers everything they need to be successful with Clickfunnels™ or any product they want to sell.

My goal is to impact other peoples lives and to show you that once you get clarity, simplify what you do and follow the plan I lay out for you that you can change your life and create true time and financial freedom.

If you're still on the fence and wonder if the program will work my answer is "YES" if you follow what I teach you and you're coachable. I have a good track record with helping other people from all backgrounds, countries and business models get results. I can not guarantee you any results legally, but I can guarantee that I will always be here to help you and guide you if you make the decision to take action on what I teach you and have faith in yourself and me as your mentor.

I offer a full 30 day 100% money back refund guarantee if you purchase Top Earner Mentor.

If you purchase Clickfunnels™ they have a 30 day money back guarantee as well. So you literally have zero risk on your part. My goal is to make sure all my customers are happy and if you're not happy I don't want your money.

  • Who is Zach Crawford and why should I trust him?

Very good question...

I'm going to tell you exactly why you should listen to me and how I can help you.

I started my journey as an entrepreneur over 6 years ago and I've tried just about every business you can imagine. Some of them I succeeded at and some I failed at.

What I've seen in my 6 years of business is that most people don't care about their customers. Most people view their customers simply as a credit card and once you purchase products from them it's pretty damn hard to get any help or even get your questions answered.

I've built my reputation and business on actually helping people get results in their business. I don't teach theory, I don't use unrealistic promises or hype..

Sometimes I even cost myself money by being too honest and not selling people the dream. I prefer to be honest with you, tell you exactly what you need to hear and if that resonates with you then I know you're the type of person I can help.

I could brag endlessly about how much money I've made, the awards I've got and all of my achievements, but I prefer to brag about the people I've helped.

If you want to see just a small fraction of my success stories you can click on the tab "see my success stories" at the top of this page.

You also can see below just a fraction of the 1000's of screenshots I've collected over the years of people posting in my different groups because they're happy to finally have found someone who actually does what they say they will do... "HELP THEM".

And my students even make me videos on my birthday...

If you would like to learn more about me 
you can watch my short documentary...

  • Are there any hidden costs?

No. Once you purchase this program, it is a complete step-by-step roadmap for what you need to know to create a 6-figure income for you and your family with affiliate marketing.

Many programs you will purchase will require you to purchase additional products to make the initial product work, that is not the case with this program.

I literally give you everything you need to build a consistent, reliable and predictable business with affiliate marketing. There will be different tools I suggest that I personally use that will make your life easier and allow you to grow your business, but they're not necessary to start.

The only additional tool you will need is an email autoresponder which will run about $20 per month. Clickfunnels™ and an email autoresponder is all you need to build a six or even seven figure business.

If you follow what I teach you, not only will you make back your initial investment back, but you will have enough money to pay for several months of the tools to help you run your business.

The only additional costs could be if you choose to do paid advertising, but I do not suggest to start here as a beginner. It's best to learn the basics and then scale your business with paid ads once you start making some money.

  • How much time will this course take?

Top Earner Mentor is designed to be digested in modules. I give you the exact amount of information you need so you can implement it to get results.

My training is not filled with endless fluff and filler to make the training seem like it's got tons of value. I hate this myself and I designed the course so can you digest one module at a time and then take action on what you're learning.

I suggest 30 days to go through the training so you have time to digest the information and implement what you're learning without overwhelming yourself.

I've had people go through the whole course in a weekend and start making sales within a week, but I don't suggest this.

When you go to college you don't jam through the whole semester in a weekend. It's designed to digest and then implement what you studied.

You can digest the course at your own pace. I don't drip feed the content or hold anything back, but to get the best results I suggest you digest one model then implement the steps I lay out for you. Regardless, I will always be here to answer your questions and help you if you need it.

  • I've purchased courses before and I didn't get results. How is this different?

I completely understand because I've had that same experience with many courses as well. Here's why Top Earner Mentor is different.

Most courses are created by people who either have very little success and created a course or even worse no results or experience.

Most people who sell courses just ride a trend of what people are looking to buy and they create a course and sell it without consistently getting results for themselves.

Usually these types of people have not gotten results for their students and you will see these types of people only talk about how much money they made to take the focus off of their lack of experience and the ability to help other people get the results they're promising.

This is where Top Earner Mentor is different. I've been testing, tweaking and improving what I do for the last 4 years to make it so my students can follow in my foot steps to create success for themselves.

My training is not based on theory or some quick win I got last week. My methods have been working for myself and my students for years. That is why I have so many success stories. When you look for a program to join you should not be impressed by how much money your mentor makes. Anyone can make money, but very few can break down complex concepts and make them simple enough that you can implement and get results as well.

Also, most courses are out of date methods. The course creator may have had success with what they're teaching years ago, but marketing changes fast.

I constantly update my courses and you get lifetime updates so if I change something then I will update the training to make sure you're always on top of what is working right now.

Finally, this is not just a course. This is a group coaching program where I work with you inside my Facebook group. You're joining a community of helpful people that are all working towards similar goals together.

This is not just some course you join and you're on your own. You're joining a family and I put my #1 focus on helping the members of my community. You will be able to tell within minutes of joining the Facebook group that I'm here to help you get results.

  • Is there a refund guarantee?

Yes there is.

If you purchase Clickfunnels™ there is a full 30 day money back guarantee.

If you purchase Top Earner Mentor there is also a full 30 day money back guarantee. I'm not here to hold your money hostage, I want to make sure you're happy. All I ask is that you actually complete the program.

Meaning you go through all the modules, you post in the group and ask a few questions if you're having trouble and you reach out if you're struggling.

If you do those things and still don't get results, we will give you a 100% full refund guaranteed as long as you request it within 30 days of the purchase. I don't care if it's 29 days 23 hours and 59 minutes. You will get a refund.

  • Am I too young or too old for this?

There is only one requirement that is needed to do this program. You must know how to use the internet.

As long as you have a computer and internet connection you're good to go. I have students as young as 16 to 65 years old. Age is simply a number.

I have students who started with me at 16 and become millionaires by 20. I have students who started at 55 and all they knew how to do was use Facebook and they implemented what I taught and started getting sales.

Your age is not what will prevent you from getting results. The only thing that will stop you is not being coachable. If you're the type of person that is willing to implement what I teach you and ask for help when you need it then I believe you can be successful.

  • Will this work in my country?

I have thousands of students from all over the world--the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, and Asia.

I have successful students implementing my training in so many countries I've lost count. Your country is not going to make a bit of difference if you can get results. If you have a computer and internet connection you're good to go.

  • Is there a payment plan to split up the payments to make it more affordable?

No, I don't offer payment plans because Top Earner Mentor is already discounted and it's an absolute steal at $497. If you're someone getting access to Top Earner Mentor by just purchasing Clickfunnels™ this is the deal of a lifetime. If you purchase Top Earner Mentor you will get 100x back in value if you actually put this to use.

Just a few sales following what I will teach you will make back your investment and everything you make moving forward is pure profit. If you decide to promote Top Earner Mentor then just 2 sales will pay for your entry to the community.

  • What if I don’t have an email list? And what if I don’t have a website?

No problem. Almost every single person who has come through my training courses did not start with an email list or website. No one starts out with an email list. The good news is anyone can learn to do this.

I will teach you how to build an email list and start getting your first sales. From there you keep focusing on what I teach you to build a very large business.

You don't need a website. This is completely optional. In fact you could build a simple 5 page website with Clickfunnels™ if you don't plan to use a blog. For some of my businesses this is exactly what I do. The mini website serves as a sales funnel to get leads and sales.

Here's What You Get When You Join Zach's 
Top Earner Mentor Coaching Program:

Top Earner Mentor Masterclass
($1,997 Value)

This is my step-by-step blueprint showing you everything I do to build and grow a business from nothing to six or even seven figures.

This will start at a beginner level and show you everything you need to go from zero to $100,000 + a year online.

I’m going to show you how to launch your own internet business that is
consistent, repeatable, and predictable. ($3,000-$5,000+ per month).

Once you're generating a consistent income we will focus on scaling up your income well past $100,000 + per year.

After you go through my coaching program you will have all the knowledge you need to scale to a six or even seven figure business just like my successful students who went through the training before you.

​My First Million
($997 Value)

This is a very detailed case study I created showing you everything I did right and wrong to make my first million dollars online. I then lay out a action plan for you to focus on to duplicate my results 10x faster by avoiding the mistakes I made.

I open up my business and show you everything I did wrong(even the things I didn't want to show) and what I did right to scale my profits.

This course alone is more than worth the price of admission because no one shows how they got started and what they did step-by-step to make the money.

This will save you money and time by avoiding the mistakes I made and teach you what to focus on to get results faster.

DFY High Converting Funnels
($14,997 Value)

The difference between Top Earners and a amateur affiliate marketer is their own custom sales funnel.

Top Earners don't use the same sales funnels everyone else is using.

I will be setting you up with sales funnels I create and write the copy for to make sure they have all the right elements to make you sales.

If you have a sales funnel built for you it will cost between $5000-$20,000 +.

Right now my fee starts at $15,000 to build you a funnel that converts lead into buyers.

This will save you money and frustration because you're getting access to funnels I create for myself that make thousands of dollars every single day..

Leverage My Bonus Package
($2,997 Value)

The difference between super affiliates who make sales effortlessly and amateur affiliates that struggle to make sales is a bonus package.

If you look at all top affiliates they will offer a custom bonus package to get their customers to buy through their link.

I'm going to save you the time, money and technical headaches that come with making your own products.

I'm going to let you leverage my bonus package and plug people into my coaching program so they can get the help they need too.

Your members will also be able to leverage all the same bonuses you do.

You can spend your time applying what I teach you to make sales and I will take care of training your members and providing them with everything they need.

The Million Dollar Swipe File 
($997 Value)

I give you all of my emails, my FB posts, social media images, sales funnels and marketing materials to copy, paste, tweak and profit with.

You show me one guru who will give you everything they use without making you pay $25,000 for it. (Yep, doesn't happen!)

Traffic Mastery Training Course 
($997 Value)

In this training I cover the best free & paid traffic sources to help you get leads and sales.

This course is updated often with the latest traffic sources I personally use in my business.

I will show you how to pick and dominate the perfect traffic source for your individual needs and business model.

Documented Case Studies 
($997 Value)

I'm documenting everything I do to build a grow my seven figure business. I'm going to show you what works, what doesn't work and give you my marketing materials to help you duplicate my results.

I also will be documenting successful members results too. Right now you can login and
copy Steve Howell's $25,000 + month funnel. You get everything including the emails he used in his funnel.

$100k Coaching Sessions 
($1,997 Value)

Get access to the secret Facebook Group and join me on a live webinar bi-weekly to ask questions, get feedback, review your work or get help with anything you need.

This is a strict no pitch environment.

These are all recorded so if you can't make it they will be uploaded weekly. It's BYOB(Bring Your Own Beer)

Total Combined Value:


You Have Two Options To Join The Top Earner Mentor Coaching Program

Option 1: Signup For Clickfunnels™

You will get Full Unrestricted Lifetime Access to the Top Earner Mentor Masterclass + all the bonuses when you signup for a free two week trial of Clickfunnels™ today. You will not be billed for two full weeks and then it's just $97 per month.

If you follow everything I teach you then this will be a small investment to get you started and then I will teach you how to start creating passive income by promoting Clickfunnels™ and you will also learn how to dominate any affiliate program you choose to promote.

To get started just click the button below to signup for your free trial. 

(Once you signup, reply to any of my messenger and let me know the
email you signed up with and I will get you all of your bonuses.)

Option 2: Purchase Top Earner Mentor

The second option is to purchase access to the Top Earner Mentor Coaching Program.

This option is best for two types of people:

Person 1: You already have Clickfunnels™, but you want to join the coaching program and be able to leverage my sales funnels.

Person 2: You want to build a successful affiliate marketing business, but you don't want to promote Clickfunnels™. Top Earner Mentor will teach you how to build a successful affiliate marketing business in any industry you choose. You will learn the skills needed to sell and dominate any product you choose.

(When you purchase access to Top Earner Mentor you will be emailed access immediately.)