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Here's What You Get in the bonus:

WIIFY - What's In It For You?

1.) Personal Premium Course Bank
($2,997 value)

Get access to the courses I purchased over 2 years. Most of the courses are focus on generating organic traffic to website which is not fully covered in the Four Percent Challenge.

To be honest, there's a lot of CRAP products out there trying to teach you how to make money online. I had chosen the best courses for my members because I don't want to confuse my members.

2.) What's working NOW
($997 value)

Join me on live Web Class to ask questions and get latest news on online marketing. I'm constantly discover the marketing strategies, tools, tips and more about marketing because it is my passion.

This is a strict no pitch environment. These are all recorded so if you can't make it they will be uploaded.

It's my goal to help you get results. These web classes are good enough I could turn them into a paid product.

3.)Review your work
($1,997 value)

I'm going to offer my personal time to review your work if you need any feedback from me. I even give you the suggestions to you so you can improve your work and get better results.

In some case, we can make it a case study for everyone in group so we can grow and learn together.

4.)Secret Facebook Group
($997 value)

This is a group of action takers, people to support each other, case studies, questions getting answered and tech support.

In the group I will review your work and help you tweak your marketing to start getting sales and scale up your commissions.

5.)Million Dollar Swipe File
($997 value)

I give you all of my emails, my FB posts, sales funnels and marketing materials to copy, paste, tweak and profit with.

I've made hundred's of thousands of dollars with these emails.

You show me one guru who will give you everything they use without making you pay $25,000 for it. (Yep, doesn't happen!)

Total Combined Value:

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