In  Nutshell...

The Dotcom Genius is a training and support resource run by me, Johnny Low to teach YOU how to turn your passion and purpose into a marketable product which serve the community.

Why I Do What I Do

I remember when I first start online, I was failing miserably and only desperately want to earn the first buck online. I was hanging around the internet aimlessly and I wish to have a real person to guide me. So, this blog is focus on serving people like me who is doing thing terribly wrong online and perhaps turns their passion into a marketable product to serve the community.

"I firmly believe nobody should have to live life in a cubicle unless they want to. The Dotcom Genius is here to bring my experience to others who would like to design their own lifestyle the way they please."

My Foundational Beliefs

  • I believe money is made online by delivering real value and transformations to the lives of your customers, not by manipulation.
  • I believe that a profitable online business can and should be based in honesty and delivering maximum value.
  • I believe in being a straight shooter and not blowing smoke or wasting people's time.

What Now?

A lot of work has gone into building this site. I can't wait for you to take some time to get a look around.

But, the absolute BEST way to get started right now is to get subscribed to the free 4 day online business foundation training.

This is a free training which give you a big picture of online business.