Meet Johnny Low

Hi, I'm Johnny. An average person with a low self-esteem. This personalities make me felt that failing exam is the end of the world. ​

I always heard people say that study hard and get a good paying job, that's life should be. And I totally believed it because I saw everyone is doing the same thing. Being an employee is good while businessman are all evil. I should follow the massive.

When I'm about to graduate from college, I was thinking about my future. Is this my future life going to be? Doing the job I dislike and yet still worrying about bills? Heck, I'm doing all this for MONEY. That's life WITHOUT purpose.

Hey, if that so. Why don't I generate income through internet? So I do what everyone who want to make money and ask Mr. Google: How to make money online?

And Mr. Google have the ANSWER(s). I got whole lot of ideas to make money online including online marketing, network marketing, e commerce, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, create own product and so on...

I started with Amazon affiliate marketing. I literally find product I like from Amazon, grab my affiliate link and spam all around Facebook. I'm so sure that the product is so good as everyone is going to buy from me.

You know what?

I get banned by Facebook =(

The more I discover the 'SECRET' to make money online (actually there is no secret), the more I realize that money is just a by-product from value I give to people.

So, I decided to use my knowledge to help people like me who just dived in online space without any purpose.

(This is just a brief story about Johnny Low, complete version will be updated)